Publications & Interviews

Selected articles and interviews about Dr. Eisen’s seminars on social gerontology, the psycho-social aspects of retirement, teaching methods and pedagogy, the psychology of grief and loss, and cross-cultural program design are available below:  (partial list)

NPR-Affiliate Radio Interview, June 2014.  Psychology of Aging New Curriculum Launch – Gail S. Eisen, Ph.D.  (Topic of new curriculum and innovative course design; fifth radio interview.)


Dr. Gail S. Eisen: Radio Interview – “Seminars on Life-Span Psychology and Cultural Themes” (Station KZSB, August 2014: “The Landscapes of Memory” – Interview with Elizabeth Stewart; sixth radio interview.)

Blue Pacific Article:  Highlights of Life-Span Psychology – Fulbright 2014

UCSB Department of Music.  Sociological Observations on a Cross-Cultural Performance Ensemble.  Article written by G. Eisen and published on a University of California Website (December 2017):

Senior World.  Gerontologist Helps Couples with Changes.  (Comprehensive feature article written by skillful newswriter C. Skalsky.)

American Society on Aging/Perspectives on Retirement.  Member in the News – The Psycho-Social Aspects of Retirement (includes role loss, marriages in retirement, cross-cultural perspectives, and teaching methods/pedagogy)

Los Angeles Downtown News.  Leisure Suits: Can Soon-to-Retire Corporate Types Survive Without Their Titles?

The Arizona Republic.  Sun-Citites Seminar Focuses on Retirement (based on lectures presented at Sun Cities, Arizona)

International – Port Saidan Magazine.  The Elderly Are Optimistic:  Has Humanity Paid Attention? (Text in Arabic; interview followed Fulbright conference lectures in Cairo and Port Said.)

Independent Times.  Put Some Spaces in Your Togetherness

NASPA Journal.  Fostering International Understanding:  Cross-Cultural Issues in International Residential Settings

American Society on Aging/Perspectives on Retirement.  Reconnecting with Youth in Retirement

American Society on Aging/Perspectives on Retirement.  Reflections on Culture:  A Missing Ingredient

Hughes Retiree News (corporate publication).  Sex Differences in Retirement Adaptation

Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior (Edwin Schneidman, editor):  The Suicide of Seymour Glass

Couples in Retirement – Summary Concepts and Unifying Themes.  (Concise summary of key findings from dissertation research focusing on retirement adaptation.)

Living in Harmony in the Retirement Years:  Dimensions of Change in the Marital Relationship.  Doctoral Dissertation, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Of Music and Memory:  Spotlight on a Dynamic and Immersive Life-Long Learning Environment.  Feature article written by G. Eisen describing the dynamic, immersive environment of an age-integrated music class taught by instructor Joe Pixley (Braille Institute, 2017).

Brief Spotlight on Teaching:  Center for Lifelong Learning Feature / Short Teaching Biography, 2015.

Pedagogical Review:  Tribute to Pete Skrumbis (LAUSD), published in February 2013 in Hometown News, a California-based publication.  A Final Essay as Tribute.

Rabindranath Tagore:  An Adult Developmental Perspective and Reflections on Pedagogy.  Research Report on Developmental Theory (University of Michigan).

Wisdom Research Project:  Aging and Research Report on Developmental Theory (University of Michigan).  Perceptions of Wisdom  [tba]


Six sample announcements for previous seminars and courses appear below:

AARP Research Seminar Series, Washington, D.C. Headquarters

UCLA Psychology Course:  The Psychology of Retirement:  Meeting the Emotional and Social Needs

Community Seminar:  An Introduction to Life-Span Psychology and the Life Review Process

Fulbright Association Inaugural Lecture, 2014 – Fulbright Lecture Series

Song Lyric Analysis Program – AD 2014

Retirement Community Seminar – Images of Aging and Cultural Reflections, 2014